Keeping Poultry


Written and delivered by an and experienced poultry and waterfowl breeder, this accredited training course is designed for enthusiasts, beginners and individuals who want to gain a more informed insight into keeping chickens as non-professional hobbyists. This rural skills training course is taught in the open air over one full day at a community farm located in rural Lancashire

Our skilled instructor will provide you with structured and guided learning on keeping chickens as a source of eggs or just as pets; as well as poultry feeding, accommodation and health and hygiene dos and don’ts. Current legislation will also be covered. This training course provides a unique hands on experience at a local farm either before you start, or to resolve problems you have encountered with your own chickens.

On completion of the course you will be awarded an certificate of accreditation in keeping poultry issued by UK Rural Skills and endorsed by the Tree Bee Society of Great Britain.


  • Learn about keeping poultry for eggs production
  • Learn about the physiology of poultry
  • Learn about the different breeds of poultry
  • Learn the five freedoms – a must for all poultry keepers
  • Learn about minimum poultry accommodation requirements
  • Learn about nutrition, food & feeding
  • Learn about cockerels & breeding techniques
  • Learn about poultry heath, hygiene and pest control
  • Learn about handling poultry
  • Learn about transporting poultry
  • Learn about the current legislation regarding poultry


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