Geocaching is the worlds largest treasure hunt, all around us are hidden containers known as caches. Each cache has been deliberately hidden by someone and can only be found by using a unique set of co-ordinates.

The caches are located by using satellites orbiting the earth (geo), hence the name geocaching. Some caches have only a log book to sign others contain tradable items or if you are lucky you can find items that can be tracked at home on your PC by satellites on their journey around the globe.

The game is played by millions of people worldwide and it is free and easy to play, all you need is a Global Positioning System device (GPS) such as a modern smart phone or a dedicated GPS receiver (not a sat-nav) the location of the caches and you are good to go, but remember the caches have been deliberately hidden and even with the correct co-ordinates they are not always that easy to find.

This rural skills training course has been written to help you understand how to get the most out of this fun and free global outdoor game by teaching you the history of geocaching and how to locate different types of treasure, from geocoins, trackable’s, hard to find micro caches, puzzle caches to earth and science caches. You will also learn how to build your own cache, get ideas on where to hide it safely and how to submit its co-ordinates for other Geocachers to find.

The course is delivered over one day and is split between a morning inside being taught about geocaching to enable you to get most enjoyment possible from this fun addictive and rewarding hobby. Your afternoon is spent outside under your own supervision in the open air finding and recording your first geocaches.

On completion of the course you will be awarded an certificate of accreditation in geocaching issued by UK Rural Skills and endorsed by the Tree Bee Society of Great Britain.


  • Guided introduction to Geocaching
  • Learn about safety and the Geocaching code
  • Learn about GPS receivers, Apps and how to use them
  • Learn how to locate caches and record your finds
  • Learn how to advance your fun with waymarks, scenic and historical sites
  • Learn about what treasure to trade and what to leave at home
  • Learn how to plan fun family days out with the children and grandchildren
  • Learn about the different types of caches available
  • Learn about trackables, their missions and how to follow their journey
  • Learn about geocaching abroad and on holiday


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