Photography – Aperture


Photography Techniques – Manual Aperture Priority 

Photography is a leisure activity enjoyed by millions but have you ever wondered why the pictures you take never look as good as those images taken by the experts?

This one-day accredited course has been designed for amateur photographers of all abilities and is part of our photograghic Nature in Focus training courses. Our expert instructor will teach you in the morning theory session how use your camera to get the images that you want by taking your camera off the automatic factory settings and will teach you how to use the manual Apeture Priority function.

This function is commonly used by the experts to get close up (Macro) images of nature as well as those portrait images used by professional photograghers in glossy magazines were the central subject image is in crystal clear focus with a contrasting deliberately blurred mysterious background.

Once you have learnt the basics in the morning you will be sent out on your first photo shoot assignment in the afternoon and once you have completed your informal assignment the images you have taken will be individually reviewed in a relaxed and informal way by our instructor to help you get the most possible from this friendly and relaxed course and your camera.


  • You get the most possible from this friendly and relaxed course and your camera
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Moving away from Auto and taking control of the camera
  • Learn how to move to “Manual” and a brief overview of what each setting does
  • Learn how to use “A for Aperture Priority”
  • Learn about depth of field
  • Learn about ISO and how to best use it
  • Learn the available shutter speeds for nature photography
  • Learn about the camera sensor and camera noise
  • Learn about low light situations and the use of tripods
  • Learn about the differences between natural light and the effects of flash
  • Learn about image composition and the Rule of Thirds
  • Learn the average settings to get good reliable results
  • Learning about Spontaneity versus planning – taking photos quickly vs planned project
  • Learn the importance of the photographer over the camera


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